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The Aquila team has many years of experience in the nuclear industry which includes the specialist areas of containment, shielded systems, remote handling and nuclear packaging.

Our engineers have been involved in projects from the design concept stage right through to manufacturing, testing at our factory and installation/commissioning on the clients’ sites.

Clients engage with Aquila at different stages in the delivery process, but we like to get involved as early as possible so that we can share best industry practice from the start, saving time and money and delivering to our clients’ exact requirements.

Delivery Stages

  • Feasibility studies and cost options
  • Engineering substantiation and validation
  • Concept design and detail schemes
  • Full size mock up for handling/ergonomics trials and
    human factors assessment
  • Budget pricing from concept designs and
    detail schemes
  • Detail design and manufacturing drawings for gloveboxes and the complete process
  • Full manufacturing specification including NDT
  • Manufacture supply chain and procurement
  • Validation of containment integrity using Aquila leak testing equipment
  • Full assembly and factory acceptance tests (FATS)
  • Installation and site acceptance tests
  • Life Time Quality Records
  • Leak rates to 0.05%
  • Full active validation design and selection of dampers, HEPA filters and control system

Case Study: Containment


The Challenge

Aquila was asked to help prepare the technical specification for the design and manufacture of nearly 40 gloveboxes for the sampling of liquid within a nuclear licenced site. Our client was keen to involve us at an early stage so that we could input commercial pragmatic design features which would deliver significant cost savings due to the quantity of gloveboxes being manufactured.

What We Did

We built 2 mock ups representing each of the designs and fed these works trials back into the 3D models. Following mock up trials, design modifications were fed back into the 3D models from which the full manufacturing details drawings were produced, together with the full Bill of Materials. All 39 gloveboxes were manufactured and assembled within the Aquila workshops and every system leak tested to validate integrity.

The Result

The pragmatic approach to this project halved the price of the contract, reduced the programme by 5 months and significantly reduced the risk to both client and supplier.